Looking to bring socially responsible products into your shop? Are you an eco-friendly designer looking to share your creations with the world? Let’s connect!

I believe we should all shop our values. By supporting brands that are mindful to people, animals, and our environment, we can make the world a kinder and more loving place.

I proudly represent ethical fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands that have a built in social mission behind their products. Factory workers deserve to be paid a fair wage. Our environment should not suffer from toxic pollution to make a pair of jeans. Animals do not need to die for their skin. We can do better.


Sometimes all you need is the right product shot or the right pop up event to build brand awareness and nurture customer loyalty.

I want all sustainable businesses to thrive. If you are looking to create a merchandise strategy involving photo shoots and customized events to highlight the awesomeness of your brand, let’s have a chat!


One of my favorite things to do is to share my passion with others through educational presentations and public speaking engagements. I love creating customized presentations for fashion and beauty brands that focus on ethics and proper business etiquette while building your brand and connecting with your audience. My goal as a speaker is to not only share valuable information and research but to also spark inspiration in others to nurture their own curiosity and take action to pay it forward.


You can reach me directly at * Please no solicitations.


A portion of all Style Sorbet profits are donated to charities that fight for human, animal, and environmental protections.