On the Cusp of Change

As the year winds down, most of us reflect on the past 12 months and smile about happy memories, accomplishments, and ponder whether or not we achieved the goals we so eagerly set about this time last year. Well, 2016 was unlike any other year we’ve seen and I think it’s safe to say that everyone can agree with that. Emotions ran high, lines were crossed, and revelations were made. Now, don’t you worry...this blog post is not taking a doom and gloom turn. At Style Sorbet, we have decided to take all of the negative joojoo of 2016 and use it as fuel to catapult us into a meaningful new direction.

Our hearts still belong to the fashion, beauty, and modeling industries and will remain there for all eternity but our focus will be on ETHICS within these amazing industries. With that said, we are launching two very exciting endeavors. The first one is this..ta-da! We are thrilled to announce that the Style Sorbet blog will focus on living a sustainably dressed and ethically accessorized life. We plan to talk about how we can collectively embrace fashion while respecting the people who made it and the planet that, you know, we all kinda live in. Stay tuned for future posts about how you can be an ethical fashionista!

Our second big announcement is that we are gearing up to launch our online boutique! That’s right, soon you will be able to shop with us at Style Sorbet. We will have ethically sourced women's wear along with rescued fashion available for purchase. That’s right, rescued fashion! Thrift store shopping is one of our favorite past times and it also provides a huge benefit to our planet by reducing our collective carbon footprint. Did you know that the average American tosses out approximately 80 pounds of clothing per year that usually ends up in a landfill?! Yuck! It does not have to be this way and we are on a mission to help our planet by way of an ethical fashion revolution.

Thank you for being a part of our Style Sorbet family. We have enjoyed the many events, fashion shows, workshops, photo shoots, expos, pageants, promotions, trunk shows and other fashionable events that we have been able to do this year and we are so enthusiastic about the new adventures that await us in 2017!

Cheers, darlings!