Trick-or-Ethical Treat?

4 Tips For an Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume

Halloween is by far our most favorite holiday. A day solely dedicated to dressing up, eating candy, carving pumpkins and spooky decorations…yes, please! Since we have embarked on our journey to be ethically dressed and sustainability accessorized, we have uncovered a few horrific facts that are scarier than any Halloween movie about textile waste and its impact on our environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans are projected to spend $8.4 billion dollars on Halloween costumes this year and an estimated 85% of those costumes will end up in a landfill. That breaks our hearts. The good news is that there are so many fun ways that we can embrace the tradition of dressing up for Halloween while still being respectful of our environment.

1-Thrift Store Haul

Thrift stores and vintage shops have been longtime supporters of fashion sustainability. Last year, we successfully created two costumes from The Goodwill Thrift Store for a couple inspired by the television show, “The Big Bang Theory”. For any of you diehard fans out there…we created, “The Shamy”. It was actually really fun and it forced us to get creative with our styling skills. The best part was, everyone knew exactly who the characters were and the couple received a ton of high fives that night. Oh, and we spent a total of $26 for two complete costumes…score!

 "The Shamy"

"The Shamy"

2-DIY Diva

Anyone a self-proclaimed Pinterest Princess? Do-it-yourself projects are all the rage on Pinterest and this means that you have no excuse to not get creative with your Halloween costume. Time to get out your sewing machine, glue gun, and construction paper and channel your inner artist! Keep in mind that you will certainly have an original costume and you’ll have earned bragging rights when people ask you where you purchased your costume. You can officially say that you designed it all on your own!

3-Costume Swap

How many costumes do we all have stuffed in a box somewhere? Wonder Woman, Black Mamba, Snow White...Now, think about your friend’s costumes from last year, and your neighbor's costume, and now your co-workers costume. This sounds like the makings for a fabulous Costume Swap Party. Why not invite a few friends over, crack open a bottle of fair trade wine, and swap out your Princess Leia costume for a “new” Queen of Hearts costume.

4-Hybrid Style

Have you ever been a cat-witch for Halloween? What about a zombie-flapper? Hybrid costumes are a really great way to get more use out of your costumes in a unique way without necessarily repeating the exact same look. So, if you are super attached to your fairy costume and can’t bear the idea of parting with it for a swap, then how about turning it into a vampire-fairy or a mouse-fairy…okay, maybe that one would be a little tricky but if you’re up for a good challenge, we promise that you’ll have a great time piecing together something that is completely original and most importantly something that won’t contribute to fashion waste.

 "Zombie Flapper"...and yes, she did recycle that can!

"Zombie Flapper"...and yes, she did recycle that can!

We have created a social stigma about being caught wearing the same thing twice…especially a Halloween costume. There is absolutely no reason to unnecessarily contribute even more to our already vast carbon footprint. We love Halloween but we are not willing to contribute to textile waste simply for a few hours of fun. We still have a little time before Halloween and we encourage you to get creative, save a few bucks, and save the planet all at the same time this year.