Why We Love Thrift Store Fashion

It’s common for fashionistas around the world to experience fashion cravings as we transition from one season to the next. As the weather warms up we may feel the need to incorporate a few new tank tops and summer dresses into our wardrobe. As cooler weather moves in we usually look for cozy sweaters and maybe a couple of scarves in the color or print of the season. The power of seasonal fashion cravings is strong but the savvy ethical fashionista knows how to strategically maneuver through these cravings by way of mindful wardrobe investments. One way to satisfy your fashion needs is to embrace thrift store fashion.

Previously owned, second hand clothing found at thrift stores can contribute to some of the most fashionable and satisfying ensembles in your closet. The fashion industry brings beauty, confidence, creativity and artful self expression into the world. Unfortunately, it can also contribute to devastating working conditions for garment factory workers and it can also have a negative environmental impact on our planet. According to, The True Cost, documentary, film director Andrew Morgan shared that 90% of cotton used in the fashion industry is genetically modified. Add in the obscene amount of water and chemicals used including harmful pesticides and insecticides, it can make this glamorous industry certainly have a very unattractive side to it.

About 15 million tons of textile waste is made each year in the U.S. Cities spend approximately $45 per person to dispose of discarded clothing which essentially ends up in a landfill. Many synthetic materials can take hundreds of years to break down.

This can all seem very overwhelming but every one of us can make small changes that can collectively have a positive impact. By purchasing second hand clothing you are extending it’s life and saving it from dying a slow death in a landfill.

Thrift store fashion also allows us to get creative with styling. Half of the fun of fashion is all about how we put things together. You might find an amazing vintage sweater that will go beautifully with that pair of pants that have been hibernating in the back of your closet and as an added bonus, it will most likely be an original look that is all you!

Our Rescued Fashion division is all about pre-owned beauties that deserve to be loved. They still have a lot of life left in them and they would much rather spend their time with ethical fashionistas who love and appreciate them for the beauty that they can still bring into the world. The next time you are having a fashion craving remember that you can treat yourself while being kind to the environment and all living beings on it.