Use Your Power!


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, helpless even, due to the state of the world right now. There are so many devastating global catastrophes that seem to be escalating at a rapid pace from moment to moment and it almost seems unreal. At times we’ve found ourselves screaming into a pillow and asking the universe, “WHY? HOW? SERIOUSLY? WTF?”, about a million times a day. Unfortunately, it seems as though many people out there can relate. Instead of screaming into a pillow we decided that it’s much healthier and more productive to take that energy and channel it into positive actions that have the ability to spark change. It all comes down to using your power.


Are you angry with the fast fashion industry? You have the power to shop your values. We know it’s tempting to fall into the lure of inexpensive tops, dresses, and shoes but just remember that it’s inexpensive for a reason and that reason is directly connected to the mistreatment of garment workers and the environment. The next time you're tempted to purchase that brand new pair of leggings for $5.99, just think about it for a moment. Where did they come from? Who made it? What were they paid? How were they treated? How was this fabric sourced? Was it dyed with harsh chemicals that polluted our planet? How much water was wasted? You have the power to fight the fast fashion industry by simply supporting ethical brands that are transparent with their manufacturing and production processes.


Are you angry with the beauty industry for senseless animal testing and the actual use of animal products in cosmetics? We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of the “makeup hauls” filled with shiny packages of the latest eyeshadows and bronzers. We get it. It looks exciting. For us, nothing kills that excitement quicker than the thought of thousands of innocent rabbits being murdered for mascara. If that makes your stomach turn, please remember, you have the power to shop your values and support vegan and cruelty-free brands that love and respect all animals. Sometimes it can be tricky being your own private investigator which is why we love using the Leaping Bunny Shopping Guide. The Leaping Bunny Organization consists of eight national animal protection groups that formed the Coalition of Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). (Please note that though we support the Leaping Bunny Organization, we are not professionally affiliated with them...we just love what they do and want to help get the word out there as much as possible!)

It’s easy to use your buying power to support ethical brands but there is something else that you can do to enhance your efforts. You have the power to use your platform. We all have our own type of platform from Facebook, to Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. We all love a good dog video but the next time you find yourself sharing a video of a dog chasing a butterfly why not share some facts with your friends, family, and colleagues about cosmetic testing on our beloved canines. Dogs, specifically beagles, are often used for the draize test which analyzes the eye irritancy of a cosmetic product. This can lead to inflammation, ulcers, and blindness. None of this is necessary. It’s cruel, it’s torturous, and quite frankly, we as a society, as a human race, are so much more evolved than this. It doesn’t have to be this way.

 Klaus wants humans to use their voice for those who have none! 

Klaus wants humans to use their voice for those who have none! 

If social media isn’t your thing, you still have the power to use your voice. Have meaningful and insightful conversations with within your network. Ask questions. Share information. You may discover that this may, in fact, be new information to some people and that’s okay. It’s important to not judge. Everyone finds their moment of enlightenment and timing really is everything. The most important thing is to keep the conversation going, be curious, and never give up hope that we do indeed have the power to take care of all living beings on our planet and evolve to a kinder world powered by love.